When was the last time you could say

As an owner, you directly impact the company

Ownership is embedded in our culture. We each play a role in the success of our company. We know what needs to be done and we do it the right way – together.

Kevin o malley hero image

Kevin O’Malley,
Chief Executive Officer

“It means we have an extremely vested interest in taking care of our customers and, ultimately, in taking care of each other.”

We own it, we make it happen

Driving impact to the bottom line is empowering and adds a nuance of authenticity to our customer service, account management, operations and technology responsibilities. Our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) balance continues to grow behind the scenes while we work, motivating us to work harder for our customers and each other.

“Being an employee-owner to me instills a sense of commitment and passion; at every level of our organization. It creates a family atmosphere where we work hard and play hard.”

Penny Watermeier,
Vice President, Global Market Intelligence and Pricing

Not just any ESOP,
an award winning one

We were selected as the 2015 Employee-Owned Company of the Year by The ESOP Association. Money is not taken from our paychecks to fund our balance; instead it is gifted annually based on company performance. From a business perspective, our ESOP provides stability in the everchanging travel landscape as each employee, as a shareholder, gets a vote in the selling or merging of our company.